Popular Banner Ad Networks To Make Money From Your Website

Having a popular website is one thing. Making money from it is another. Generating traffic is all well and good, but if it’s not making you any money you’re missing out on a crucial revenue stream. One of the most popular ways of making money from your website is to use banner ad networks. They won’t send your users running for the hills and can produce a constant and reliable stream of income. Banner ad networks work by acting as the agent between advertisers who supply the advertising content and publishers, like yourself, who supply people who are attracted to the quality content you produce. The advertisers pay them for this service, and they, in turn, pay you for your service.

This is a great way to unlock the money-making potential of your website. If you don’t have the time to approach individual websites, or aren’t quite large enough to leverage the uses of an advertising agency, then using banner ad networks is probably the best and most profitable option for you. Most companies work on a pay-per-click basis, meaning that each time that somebody clicks on an advert that they have put on your website, you get money. It’s a good way of ensuring that both you and the network get paid according to results. Typically the split is in your favor as well- from 70% to 85% of the advertising revenue, meaning that you keep the lions share of the profits.

Just who are the big names in the game? Well, there a huge range of companies out there, meaning that the market is competitive, and in your favor. It’s easier to supply ads than it is to supply quality traffic, so if you have quality traffic you’re in a good position. Some good banner ad networks that you might want to consider are:

1. Advertise.com
Owned by AOL, Advertise supplies quality adverts that increase the likelihood that a visitor to your website will click on them, thus increasing the amount of money you may make.

2. Buysellads.com
A big name, they allow you to approve or reject advertisers if you don’t feel they’re a fit. Offer a 75% share of profits to you, but require 100,000 visitors a month to your website before they will consider you.

3. Puxee.com
Also gives you 75% of the profits, but also accepts almost all sites, meaning that if you’re not huge you’ll still be able to monetize your traffic.

Now that you have an idea of how banner ads work, it’s time to put that knowledge to use and start making money from your website.

5 Bandit Tests to Increase AdSense Earnings

Our approach will be a 5 arm bandit test for these factors:

Left Side vs Right Side
Above the Fold vs. Below the Fold
Embedded vs Adjacent to Content
Different AdSizes
Mobile vs Desktop (Separate setup)
Before you go off Googling pictures of seniors who bodybuild, let me explain the analogy. Let’s start with why a bandit test gets its name, what it does, and how it will help increase your ad earnings.

Did you ever see the slot machines at a casino? You put in your money, pull a lever, and wait to see if you win something. Those handles are the “arms”. And the machine itself is the “bandit”. It’s not much of a secret that these machines rob you blind – unless you own them.

How is bandit testing different from A/B testing?

Let’s keep it simple. With A/B testing, you create two or more versions that you want to test. You send equal amounts of your traffic to each. At the end of the test, you pick a winner. From there, you direct all traffic to the winning version. They call that “exploring” and then “exploiting”.

There is a little problem in here though. During the course of the test, the losing variations are getting lots of your traffic too. That means they are wasting some of it.

So a bandit test still compares different versions. But it directs most of your traffic to the version performing best from the outset.

You get to test out new variations like a/b testing, but you reduce the amount of traffic sacrificed.

The eventual losers get less of it to waste, and the likely winners get more of it to turn into ad revenue.

“Exploring” is the testing variations part. “Exploiting” is a bit harsh perhaps. Because what it really means is leveraging your traffic in the best way possible.

Stand by for another negative label. They call the bandit algorithm a “greedy” approach. But that’s just an industry term. It means we want to focus our resources wherever we think we’re going to get the best results.

Bandit Arm 1 – Left Side vs Right Side

Many UI designers will talk about F and Z patterns. This relates to how a user reads your page. A lot of research happens here. Researchers want to know where they focus. And they use eye or mouse movement tracking to figure it out.

Many web design templates provide navigation or advertising on the left or right side of the page. So this also becomes a good testing opportunity for your ad units.

Where are they looking the most? Where are they clicking ads the most?

Bandit Arm 2 – Above the Fold vs. Below the Fold
You have heard the “above the fold” mantra for a long time now. It started out as an insistence:

Everything important on a page has to be visible without scrolling.

But we have gotten wiser. Being above the fold or not is now a meaningful testing opportunity.

So we’ll take that into consideration as well. How do your ad groups perform when positioned above or below the fold? Test it.

Bandit Arm 3 – Embedded vs Adjacent To Content

The traditional ad setup was to include advertising in vacant areas of the page. They could be within your header, footer, and side navigation. It was an attempt to keep them away from your main content. Beyond clutter, it also promotes a clear separation between content and ads.

Smart ad optimizers started to think more in depth than just F and Z patterns. If we expect the user to focus on the content, then why not bring our ad units within the content space? Embed them.

There is also adjacency. That is more like traditional advertising placement. But the key here to explore embedded content and other creative ways to place your ad units.

Bandit Arm 4 – Different Ad Sizes

Size might matter. But we just don’t quite know which size without testing. Almost every ad network has many different ad unit sizes and dimensions. There is quite a variation. Compare traditional banners to skyscraper formats or video embeds.

So the type, size, and dimension of ads are also important factors for testing.

Bandit Arm 5 – Mobile vs Desktop (Separate setup)

This is the hot zone here. Mobile versus Desktop. Mobile usage is exploding – as we all know. That means no serious web publisher can do well long term without factoring in mobile traffic.

Separate apps are a bit out of scope here. But we can focus in on testing either responsive or separate mobile versions of your site.

With responsive, the design and structure is built to recognize mobile devices. When the smaller screen sizes are in use, the page layout and content can change. The layout may change. Some content may even disappear.

By contrast, a separate mobile site setup is another version especially for mobile devices. With this method, you design a version that is only for target mobile devices. It’s not tethered to the responsible web version. It’s built specifically for mobile.

To implement these tests start using AdNgin today. Or get more info first.

DIY Guide: Make Your Own Soccer Pennant Banner

If you are looking for a DIY method to make a custom football pennant, you are on the right page. Ideally, the whole process will be easier if you use a real pennant as a guide. This will make it more convenient for you to get the measurements. So, let’s get started and go through the practical aspect of the project.

As said earlier, make sure you get a real product for assistance. For instance, you can purchase one yard of felt as well. Next, you can free-hand the number cutting. Ideally, you can cut one number a bit smaller than the previous number for a layered look. Actually, the idea is to ensure the numbers are of the right size for the pennant. If you can get the shape right, you can get the job done in the first stage. Next, stitching should be done.

Also, make sure you sew the top and sides of a tall rectangle to the pennant’s left side, which will make a rod pocket. This rod pocket will be used for the dowel.

The dowel rods are not expensive. You can get each piece for less than a dollar. So, the cost won’t be a problem if you are worried about your budget. It’s better to get a few extra dowel rods in case you make a mistake during the process. You can use the spare dowel rods in this situation.

You can use a tool like a branch trimmer to cut them into two pieces. The one on the extreme right side is for your private use. If you are making it for your daughter, make sure to keep the length short. One benefit of shorter dowels is that your daughter can keep better control over it.

You need to make sure the dowel is secured in the pocket, which is necessary to prevent the dowel from flying towards the stands of visitors the first time it’s waved. Make sure you mark the ending points of the rod pocket. You can use a sharpie marker or finger hold.

Your next step is to get a piece of duct tape (it should be 6″ inches long). Once you have it, you should cut it in half. This will give you two small pieces. Beginning a bit above the marked point, you should wrap the tape around. Next, you should add the other piece over it.

Here it’s important to note that the outer strips tend to work as a stopper. Therefore, the strip that faces out won’t slide down or up. On the other hand, the inner strip offers just the right amount of grip to the rod pocket. This way you won’t lose your pennant. Moreover, the grip shouldn’t be so strong that removing the dowel becomes impossible at the end of the season. After all, you need to use the same pennant next year as well.

So, this is the entire DIY procedure to make your own soccer pennant. The making will be easier if you follow the guidelines given in this article.

Binary Options for Newbies and Merely Curious People

Looking for an additional source of income? There are various options to choose from, but the “best one” varies from one person to another. Let’s say you’re a hardworking employee who likewise owns a small business on the side. That’s great! But you feel like your earnings can not sustain the needs of your growing family. For this, you’re thinking of having another business or a part-time job. Wow! But the thing is, you know that you don’t have enough energy for an additional work load. And then you found out about an investment called binary options. Easy money, simple to do – those are the things that you’re looking for! Now, you’re wondering how it’s possible to really earn from it. Is it really worth a try?

Basic Answers to Your Basic Questions

Reading this article will not make you an expert on this type of investment. But it can feed your mind with the basic things that you need to learn. It’s not a complicated thing, anyway.

What is It and What’s in It?

Basically, if you invest in binary options, you bet the value of a financial asset – will it go up or will it go down? A time range can also be set. For instance, you can bet that a company stock will increase its value by the end of the day. If, let’s say, you invested $ 100, you can earn a predetermined amount if you are right. However, you will lose money if you bet wrongly. It’s either you lose your entire investment or a large portion of it.

Stocks, indices, commodities, currency – you can trade them all.

Why is It Advantageous to You?

So, you want to know its edge over other types of investment. First off, it is very simple. You can tell it by the explanation above. You just have to make a bet and wait for a short amount of time for the result.

It likewise gives you the chance to earn big money. You just have to be very careful in making a bet and be knowledgeable enough about what you’re doing.

And the best part if you aim to earn money fast? Well, yes, you can earn fast. Funds can be quickly deposited and withdrawn.

How About the Cons?

Yes, there can be disadvantages. As mentioned earlier, you may lose a large amount of money or your entire investment if you make a wrong bet. That’s why you have to be very careful.

And of course, it’s not easy to tell whether a certain value will go up or down. Adding a specific time frame makes it even harder. The mechanics may be simple, but actually doing it can be really tough.

There you have it – the basic things to know about binary options. How are you doing now? Have you become more curious about it? Or have you just been consumed by fear of its possible unfavorable consequences? Well, there are indeed numerous ways to earn big money. Whatever your options are, you have to be sure about which one to pick. And certainty can only be achieved if you make a thorough research about your choices. Keep in mind that knowledge is your best asset in whatever move you plan to make. It will never bring you down.

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